Piano Lessons

Fun piano lessons for children, beginners, intermediate and advanced level! I have Grade 7 Distinction and am confident teaching up until about Grade 3, after which I can recommend you a more experienced pianist. Children and adult beginners are my favourite pupils as I love teaching good technique and those initial bare necessities to achieve a beautiful tone!


Learn to love and connect with the piano, playing lots of piano games to improve technique and listening skills. Learn to see the piano as a creativity toy to  enjoy rather than a boring chore, seeing the piano as a joyful instrument to play for fun! Adult involvement in all lessons.

Adult Beginners

Depending on what you want to learn, I can structure a learning course around you. It can be hard for adults to learn an instrument because it really takes a lot of time and effort, which doesn´t always fit around a job/homelife. This is why with adults I always ask you at the beginning what you would like to aim for with your piano level and also how much time you think realistically you could practise each week (5 minutes a day, or 10 minutes every other day is OK!).

Often with adults classes and practise become quite relaxed but it is vital to have a lesson every week to keep your learning going! Come with patience and determination and you can learn the piano well and quickly.

Caitlin 2014 (5)


Children: We use a fun workbook and PIANO GAMES (Suzuki Method)! Adults:  We use a workbook suited to your level and focus on learning through playing pieces that you enjoy with good playing technique. Theory: Optional theory aspect with Music Mind Games, easy-to-learn sight-reading materials perfect for children and adults! Grades: Grade preparation up until Grade 3 Piano. Piano at home: You must have a real piano or full-sized good-quality keyboard at home to practice on. A regular sized, non-touch sensitive keyboard is not ideal.

Technique and Focus

For children’s classes, I use aspects of the SUZUKI METHOD and am applying to complete my official Suzuki training.

What Is The Suzuki Method? http://www.internationalsuzuki.org/method

Following the Suzuki Method means I encourage students with self-study at home as well as in our lessons. Also Suzuki  believed we start developing musical   ability even before birth, so I teach very young children from the age of 2+. With the Suzuki Method, we focus on the quality of YOUR SOUND and how to produce a beautiful TONE whilst singing or playing the piano. We talk about good POSTURE and sometimes use MOVEMENT to show good playing technique in our lessons too!

Recommended Weekly Lessons

For all pupils one weekly lesson is vital to keep up the structure of practising. Otherwise you will inevitably fall out of practice, start getting frstruated because you lose technique and focus, stop coming to every lesson and stop believing in your personal connection with the instrument. Playing an instrument is a commitment; an instrument has a heart and a soul and the more time, love and dedication you invest the more fulfillment it will give back to you. One lesson a week and determination for regular practice to connect with your instrument will keep up beautiful playing and self-belief.

Prices and Discounts

30 minute lesson: £15 (recommended for children up to 11-12 years)

1 hour lesson: £28 (recommended for young people and adults)

University Student discount: £95 per term (8 weekly 30 minute lessons, usually £120) & £165 per term (8 weekly 1 hour lessons, usually £200).



I give classes at your home or at the University of Leeds and have a flexible timetable.

Please feel free to get in touch with me via the CONTACT page.

Thank you!


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  1. Having piano lessons with Caitlin is challenging and always fun for me… she is very good at teaching, she knows how to make me feel motivated to try my best to master particular goal that I didn’t even believe I could, but I did!!! 🙂

  2. As an adult beginner Caitlin was very supportive as my piano teacher. She clearly has a great skill in her playing and this shows when she teaches, especially with technique!! Caitlin is very friendly and will do everything she can to enhance your playing and help progression. Great teacher!! 🙂

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