Music Therapy


I have been teaching Raj for almost three years now. He is an 83-year-old who is still young at heart and wants to improve his singing. Recently he has inspired me to offer classes to those seeking music as a form of therapy – let me tell you why.

A few months ago Raj told me he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I had no idea of this because in our music lessons Raj is able to remember more and more each week. He learns slowly and his memory is limited, but he is constantly making little steps to improve his singing and his musical memory is growing.

It gives him pleasure not only to sing, but also to know he is still able to remember the things that we learn. I tell him that this is because his body remembers, through muscle memory. He learns to sing in tune, with good support and can also sing back a complex melody which, 2 years ago, he couldn’t do. It is great for him to be in an environment as well where he doesn’t feel limited, instead he excels and can share music with his family.

I love teaching Raj and know how important our time each week is to him. I would welcome the opportunity to work with other students who feel music could be of therapy to them. Please feel free to get in touch for therapeutic music lessons, for pupils of any age and ability!

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