Primary School Music Provision

What I can offer your school

EYFS and Key Stage 1 music classes

I am passionate about developing musicality in all of my students, of all ages and abilities. Students will be actively involved in music-making using movement, pitch and rhythm games, as well as learning how to read music using Solfa symbols (musical sign language). I aim to foster musicianship in all students by using the fun, step-by-step Kodály approach. All learning is based on singing a diverse selection of beautiful and traditional songs.

Key Stage 2 whole class instrumental and Kodály musicianship

Playing an instrument opens up the exciting world of classical music and is both practical and academic. Children learn to play many rewarding songs on their instrument, work as an ensemble and read and write musical notation.

I offer ukulele, percussion, recorder and violin whole class provision. Like other music services, I use the accredited Charanga program to facilitate my instrumental teaching, but I also complement the program with Kodály musicianship activities such as rhythm and pitching games – singing is at the heart of all of my workshops.

Choirs and singing clubs

I offer lunchtime and after-school choirs or singing clubs of all different styles, including ´Glee Club´, singing to link into the National Curriculum and cross-curricular topics such as World War II or the Victorians, as well as more traditional school choirs. I can organise and put on concerts at your school or at a local venue.

How to get in touch

If you would like to discuss how to improve or expand your music provision, or to organise a designed proposal meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Thank you cards and a reference from Seascape Primary School in Durham, below:

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seascape written in paint